About AuguTech

AuguTech delivers. With over 17 years of industry leadership, our robust and highly customizable platform successfully manages over one billion customer interactions annually.  Behind that, lies our highly skilled team of dedicated professionals; well-versed in an abundance of operating systems, networks, and databases.  If your business encounters technology, we have worked with it.  Completing diverse and multifaceted complex CRM integrations for many of the world’s leading companies including: Apple, Direct TV, Aegon, Microsoft, Verizon, UPS, and more.

AuguTech's primary platform combines the functionalities of a sophisticated inbound switch and a proprietary predictive dialer into an intuitive, award-winning interface with limitless call routing capabilities, enhanced predictive dialing metrics, trouble-free IVR configurations, sophisticated call recording and call redaction requirements, and complex 3rd party software integrations.

We relentlessly focus on achieving mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.  By utilizing our in-depth expertise, we provide the tools necessary to optimize today's complex call center operations. Our engineers have developed customized technical solutions for some of the world's leading companies. 

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AuguTech overview


Our aim is focused on maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with clients. By utilizing our in-depth expertise, we provide what is necessary to optimize call center operations.  We develop customized contact center solutions to reach specified operational goals. Mobilizing contact centers of all sizes with everything needed to create vast and powerful customer connections.

The AuguTech platform is highly sophisticated yet intuitively designed for ease of use.  Our team of dedicated onboarding specialists ensure clients are fully trained and set up for success. 
AuguTech has cultivated a culture of providing superior customer service and technical support. Dedicated to each AuguTech client is a team of technical support specialists available 24/7 that cover: product documentation, case management, troubleshooting, system functionality changes, specified training, and much more.

No more long, tedious training sessions for agents. Our intuitively designed user interface has that covered, making it seamless and easy to navigate for agents, coupled with an abundance of customizable reports for managers.

The AuguTech platform has become a leading solution for complex integrations into all aspects of business software applications and call center software/CRM platforms. Combining these deep-rooted integrations along with the support of our highly awarded technical team, Augutech has completed hundreds of successful deployments.


Discover AuguTech’s comprehensive list of features that streamline the management of campaigns, leads, appointments, sales, and agent productivity.

Agent & Dial-list Prioritization

Designate select agents to specific list queues aligning skill level with lead importance. Combine select percentages of multiple lists using AuguTech "List-Mix" feature..

Answering Machine Detection

Accurate detection of a live person or voicemail. Once activated, the system will filter out up to 86% of answering machines, and only connect agents to live calls.

Automated Emailing and SMS 

Signature email templates and texts automatically sent to prospects based on the outcome of the call.

Blended Inbound & Outbound

Unrestricted inbound and outbound calling channels, fully blended for seamless efficiency.

Custom ACD-Queue Strategies

Prioritize agent tiers, round-robin queues, skill routing,  next-available statutes, or IVR-sync to best service leads and customers. 

Call Recordings & REDACTION

Unlimited storage of all call recordings for compliance & quality assurance, or training purposes.  Redact sensitive customer information for PCI compliance.  

Dialing Methods

Gain full control of connectivity rates within the contact center. Selecting from the options to dial in Predictive, Power, Preview, or Progressive mode. Fully Blended inbound and outbound system with unlimited talk time both ways.

Dialer Speed Configuration

Through AuguTech’s administrator dashboard, easily adjust the dialer speed to dial multiple channels at one time with no limitations.  Experience uncapped dialer speeds for maximum productivity. 

Do Not Call Lists

Import, export, filter, and edit an internal DNC list for comprehensive telemarketing compliance. 

DIDs & Local Presence Dialing 

Own and display verified phone numbers with area codes that match with the areas of leads being dialed. DID packages increase contact center answer ratios by up to 51%. 

google maps 

Agents can utilize Google maps to automatically pull up the leads address and qualify the residence.

Intuitive dashboard 

Manage your call center and make real time changes through AuguTechs intuitive administrator dashboard.

Inbound Queues & intelligent IVR's 

Create and configure inbound queues to route calls to specific agents or agent groups.  Configure custom IVR’s allowing customers to select options that will route the call to the appropriate department.

Live Floor Monitoring  

Monitor all agents in real time from one screen with the ability to view their previous calls, listen, and barge in on calls. 

Live Transfers

Utilize AuguTech’s internal/external live transfer options to cold, warm, or 3-way transfer calls to specific agents, agent groups, or third party organizations.. 

Lead Control 

Administrators have the ability to dial multiple lead lists, refresh lead lists, mix lead lists, control the dialer count, search leads, edit/upload leads, and much more. 

Reporting & Analytics

Access detailed reporting metrics, real-time and historical reports, dashboards, campaigns, leads and calls to effectively manage the contact centers work flow. 

System Security Protocol

Prevent agents from signing in from unsecured locations by using AuguTech’s powerful IP restrictions and firewall protocols.

Third Party Lead Posting

Integrate third party lead posts for the AuguTech system to receive live leads from vendors and web forms. Leads can be pushed directly into specific campaigns or to agents in real time, and prioritized to be dialed immediately.

Voicemail drop

If connected to an answering machine, drop a voicemail recording with a click of button.

Wallboard and Gamification

Have AuguTech’s productivity driving wallboard displayed within your contact center on a TV, projector, or any monitor viewable by all agents.


Administrator Interface

Augutech understands the importance of empowering each member of the administrative team.  With these members undertaking the responsibility of ensuring all aspects of the contact center are profitable and running efficiently, AuguTech streamlines reporting metrics, dialing & lead controls, live agent monitoring, and seamlessly delivers them, and much more, to managers.  Discover all the tools necessary for exponential growth, and unlimited scalability, with AuguTech. 

Wallboard & Gamification

Have AuguTech’s productivity driving wallboard displayed within your contact center on a TV, projector, or any monitor viewable by all agents.  This has proven to encourage friendly competition, and increase overall workspace motivation.  Managers can configure and select from an array of reporting metrics for agents to monitor overall or specified performance. Display analytics such as: leaderboard of daily sales, highest talk time, longest wrap-up time, etc.  Coupled with gamification, managers can incentivize leaders based on daily quotas.

Real time agent view

Be confident that high quality calls are being made with AuguTech’s call monitoring and recording capabilities.  Listen in, barge in, review calls, prioritize calls and much more. 

Agent interface

With the AuguTech system, your agents will possess an easy-to-use interface allowing them to automatically make calls, receive inbound calls, set automated call backs, track stats and build on customer profiles.  Sales scripts, Google maps and an internal chat function are accessible for all agents. 

Accelerate & Control


The AuguTech comprehensive dialer system has proven to connect agents to more calls and increase agent productivity, while driving operational efficiencies.  Options of dialing methods are available for managers to select their preference in contacting leads effectively.  Whether managers want to throttle their system, cruise their system or manually dial on their system, at the click of a button, managers can modify their campaign to dial in various methodologies.  

Power mode - accelerate

AuguTech’s Power dial provides administrators with the ability to manually set a desired dial speed. Putting the power in the hands of the manager, this speed can be monitored and adjusted accordingly with the contact and abandon rate.

predictive mode - Cruise 

Utilizing AuguTech’s sophisticated system algorithms, the dialer will automatically increase or decrease the call rate based on number of available agents, available lines, average campaign call time, abandonment rate, lead history, and key statistical information.

preview mode - Manual

"Click-To-Dial" as it is also known, unlocks a full view of customer history and information for the agent to view before manually placing the call.

AuguTech inbound solution

Deliver an exceptional, personalized experienced with AuguTech's inbound and switchboard solution. With AuguTech's omnichannel routing, custom call queues and intelligent IVR, customers can reach appropriate departments and speak with appropriately skilled agents seamlessly.  Further enhancements can be made to divert or overflow callers to customizable queues.  AuguTech's inbound solution can successfully accommodate virtually all operational processes.

omnichannel Routing

By utilizing AuguTech’s inbound omnichannel routing capabilities, your agents will be equipped to deliver exception customer service. With AuguTech’s workflow management, intelligent skill-based routing can be seamlessly configured to deliver calls to your highest ranked agents.  

customer data & Screen pop

Customer information will be automatically presented to agents before they engage; AuguTechs intuitive interface and CRM “screen pops” provide agents with the customers details they need to personalize their experience. 

Queues & Intelligent IVR

Custom inbound queues can be configured to deliver inbound calls directly to agent inbound groups, overflow to different departments or divert to third parties.  Through unique IVR’s, customers are able to select the department they are trying to reach and be delivered to the appropriate queue. IVR’s can be utilized during business hours and after hours. 

Inbound Routing

  • ACD With Call Distribution Algorithms
  • Agent Skill- Based Routing
  • Priority Routing
  • Voicemail Routing & Time of Day Routing
  • Number Porting


  • IVR Scheduling
  • IVR Intuitive Script Designer
  • In-Queue & Estimated Wait Times
  • Call Overflows & Diverts
  • Toll-Free Numbers & Local DIDs

Customer Data

  • CTI Screen Pop Automatic & Manual
  • Customer Information Populating
  • Contact Database 
  • CRM Integrations


  • Call Recording & Redaction
  • Easy to Use Admin Interface
  • Real-Time, Historical, & Custom Reports
  • Call Trace Visibility
  •  Script Design



Integrated partners

INFRASTRUCTURE & development 

Possessing over 35 years of world class experience in building and successfully deploying fully customized CRM & Dialing Solutions, the development team at AuguTech handles the most complex software constructions with ease. With extensive knowledge on back-end & front-end development, our engineers are equipped with the technical prowess to manage intricate system build outs, CRM integrations, with continued system innovation. 

Screen pops

Provide agents with customer information when the interaction is delivered to help them continue the clients journey within the CRM.

Lead push & pull

Disposition driven or by utilizing a preprogrammed button, agents possess the ability to automatically push and/or create records in the CRM.  

custom API's

Get the flexibility to integrate with any system to support any workflow with our advanced APIs.

Industries & solutions

With over 17 years of managing the most comprehensive telecommunication operations, AuguTech has achieved a deep-rooted understanding of the unique business models within each industry. Using this knowledge, the AuguTech system has proven to deliver the highest value to each industry with 3 base models; catering to all business types that have incorporated any form of telecommunication services, and wish to attain the ultimate dialing experience. These base models can be further customized to fit each business.


merchant cash advance

AuguTech’s model caters to an industry we have claimed a stronghold in for over 17 years.  With enterprise level MCA & Funding organizations utilizing this model, we are confident in its ability to deliver the ultimate dialing & CRM experience, while providing the most detailed reporting metrics for managers.  Among many highly requested functions, the AuguTech finance model has the ability to automatically send out custom loan applications and email templates based on the call outcome.

Common integrations include Centrex, Zoho and Salesforce.

Home & commercial SERVICES 

A highly utilized model of the AuguTech system designed precisely following the countless enhancements made by developers.  This model caters to all businesses setting appointments with their prospects.  With intricate built-in calendar functions, our Google Maps integration, and automated emailing, our clients are equipped with all the tools necessary for increasing scheduled appointments and operating efficiently.

Common integrations include LeadPerfection, Improve it 360, MarketSharp and ServiceTitan. 


Experience the power of AuguTech system designed for insurance providers.  Increase contact rates with uncapped dial speeds, and geo target leads with blending capabilities, while maintaining high productivity.  Live transfer leads from openers to closers or to third parties with ease.  Queues are also intelligently placed to route calls in the direction of openers/closers.

Common integrations include HighLevel, HubSpot, VTiger and Salesforce. 

b2b & b2c phone sales

Experience unlimited benefits of the AuguTech system designed for B2B/B2C Sales.  Increase contact rates with uncapped dial speeds, and target more leads with blending (inbound and outbound) capabilities, while maintaining high productivity.  Queues are also intelligently placed to route calls in the direction of openers/closers; optimizing the contact centers sales funnel.

Common industries include Travel, Timeshare & Timeshare exit, Real Estate, Political Surveys, Fundraising, and more. 

pricing made easy


We understand that each business is unique and requires custom pricing modules to fit their needs.  Which is why AuguTech provides a simple and easy to follow pricing structure that allows business owners to focus more on their top line and growth without worrying about inflated costs.  With no long term commitments or hidden fees, have confidence in AuguTech as we thrive to earn your business each and everyday. 


Our pricing is based on the number of active agents per month.  Adding new agents is seamless with proration billing.


AuguTech’s agreement is month to month and can be cancelled at any time with a 30 day notice.  We strive to earn your business each and every day.


With AuguTech's cloud based solution, all you need to get started are computers, high speed internet and headsets.  No internal servers, IT personnel or maintenance are needed. 


Pricing is simple.  Our pricing module includes unlimited dialing plans, unlimited talk time, uncapped dialer speeds, unlimited technical support and unlimited cloud storage of all call recordings for 1 year.  Additional storage can be purchased, or recordings can be pushed to an external SQL database. 



AuguTech provides a certified PCI environment for client activity as required.  We understand the importance of credit card security and more importantly, we have the ability to develop customized applications to meet the most stringent of PCI requirements involving call recordings, call redaction and call storage requirements.  In fact, multiple telecommunications providers in the U.S. have turned to AuguTech to develop, implement and maintain a highly customized PCI compliant call redaction and storage applications.  AuguTech possesses the ability to provide call redaction functionalities to all Accounts ranging from small to medium to enterprise sized organizations.

PCI Compliant infrastructure 

AuguTech provides a certified PCI environment for client activity as required. We understand the importance of credit card security and more importantly, we have the ability to develop customized applications to meet the most stringent of PCI requirements involving call recordings, call redaction and call storage requirements. In fact, multiple telecommunications providers in the U.S. have turned to AuguTech to develop, implement and maintain a highly customized PCI compliant call redaction and storage applications.  AuguTech possesses the ability to provide call redaction functionalities to all Accounts ranging from small to medium to enterprise sized organizations.  

From redacting sensitive customer data, to automated DNC scrubs on a Federal, State level, to internal DNC and mobile phone number calling protocols, to pausing/starting call recordings on real time/live calls, AuguTech's System delivers on all fronts.


Our comprehensive industry knowledge is paramount when it comes to mitigating various blocking techniques utilized by regional phone carriers.  AuguTech’s automated rotating DID Management Package provides a local presence and significantly reduces the likelihood of presenting “spam likely” calls on caller ID’s.

Our proprietary process involves actively rotating numerous authenticated DIDs in a manner that dramatically reduces the likelihood of encountering "spam likely".  All outbound calls are put forward with appropriate local area codes while being monitored in a control room environment.  Should a contact call back one of the numbers presented, they will be connected to your inbound agent queue.

Is spam likely impacting your productivity?  Speak to a product specialist today!


What Clients Say About AuguTech

With AuguTech, you get much more than a comprehensive solution, you gain a strategic partner that will nurture the growth of your business. We've cultivated a culture centred around providing superior customer support/service and continued system innovation.  See what some of our clients have to say!


Get answers to our most commonly asked questions and learn how AuguTech can grow your business.


A software that automatically dials from a list of telephone numbers. The system calls multiple numbers simultaneously and automatically screens for busy signals, voicemail, no-answers, and disconnected numbers. The aim is to reduce the costs and disadvantages of placing phone calls manually by removing repetitive and error-prone outcomes. Dialers improve efficiency by over 300%, directly connecting agents to customers as they become available


  • Power enables managers to manually control the dialer speed
  • Predictive utilizes AuguTech’s algorithm to automatically adjust the dialer speed
  • Preview, also known as “click-to-dial” allows agents to review the customer profile before making a call.


  • Computer (Desktop or Laptop)
  • USB or Bluetooth Headset
  • High Speed Internet


  • 1.5 GHz Quad Core Processor
  • 4 Gigabytes of RAM & 120 GB Hard Drive
  • Windows 8 / OSx 10
  • Internet speed per station 2mpbs upload - 5mbps download


Unlimited dialing plans are based on a fixed, per seat, per month basis; with no hidden fees, contracts, obligations, or increments. Unlock enterprise rates as your business grows. Why not schedule a demo with one of our product specialists?


Augutech requires a 5 seat minimum to get start on the AuguTech system. At 5 seats, you can truly experience the benefits of a predictive dialer application.


As long as your CRM/Application provides open API documentation, the AuguTech system can be seamlessly integrated.


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